GB/T 6505-2017 Translated English of Chinese Standard. (GBT 6505-2017, GB/T6505-2017, GBT6505-2017): Man-made Fiber - Test Method for Thermal Shrinkage of Filament Yarns (after treatment)

Couverture, 6 nov. 2020 - 30 pages
This Standard specifies test methods for boiling water shrinkage and dry-hot air shrinkage of man-made filament yarns (after treatment) -- stranded filament method and single filament method. The stranded filament method provides two modes: manual measurement and instrument measurement; manual measurement shall be used when there is a dispute. This Standard is applicable to man-made fiber filament yarns with a linear density of less than 3,000 dtex.

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Test Procedures
Appendix A informative Structural Changes of This Standard Compared with
normative Calculation Method for Increasing Test Quantity

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