Medium Companies of Europe 1990/91: Volume 1 Medium Companies of the Continental European Economic Community

R.M. Whiteside
Springer Netherlands, 24 sept. 1990 - 400 pages
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VOLUMES 1 &2 Graham & Trotman, a member of the Kluwer Academic Publishers Group is one of Europe's leading publishers MEDIUM COMPANIES OF EUROPE 1990/91, Volume 1, of business information, and publishes company contains useful information on over 3500 of the most reference annuals on other parts of the world as follows: important medium-sized companies in the European Economic Community, excluding the UK, nearly 1500 MAJOR COMPANIES OF THE ARAB WORLD companies of which are covered in Volume 2. Volume 3 MAJOR COMPANIES OF THE FAR EAST & covers nearly 2000 of the medium-sized companies AUSTRALASIA within Western Europe but outside the European MAJOR COMPANIES OF THE U.S.A. Economic Community. Altogether the three volumes of MAJOR COMPANIES OF EUROPE MEDIUM COMPANIES OF EUROPE now provide in detail, vital information on over 7000 key authoritative Please send for a free complete catalogue of the companies in Western Europe. company's books on business management techniques, MEDIUM COMPANIES OF EUROPE 1990/91, Volumes business law, finance, banking, export markets, oil, 1 & 2 contain many of the most significant companies in technology, energy resources, pollution control and a number of other subject areas to: The Editor, Major Europe. The area covered by these volumes, the European Economic Community, represents a rich Companies of Europe, Graham & Trotman Ltd, Steling consumer market of over 320 million people. Over one House, 66 Wilton Road, London SW1V 1DE.

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